The Ascension/Baptistery Chapel is a small round chapel for about 40 people just after the panel of the Resurrection of Christ as the continuation of the salvific mission of Christ who after His resurrection, ascended into heaven, and right just before His Ascension, He commanded His disciples to go throughout the world to evangelize and to baptize people. Therefore, the chapel bears the name of the Ascension and of the Baptism.

Inside the chapel, there are three mosaics realized by Mr. and Mrs. William Bertoja of the Friul Mosaics of Pordenone, Italy. Just right behind the altar is a golden mosaic of the Ascension of Christ on the front part of the chapel. On the right side of the altar is the mosaic bearing the Creed/Profession of Faith (fundamental for baptism) and on the left side of the altar is the mosaic bearing the Command of Jesus to go and baptize all Creatures.

At the very centre of the chapel a huge Baptismal font with octagonal shape – eight sided – to remind of the baptism as that Sacrament of newness of life symbolized by the resurrection which occurred one day after the Jewish Sabbath day. The Sunday therefore foreshadows the last day, the day of the Parousia, which in a way is already anticipated by Christ’s glory in the event of the Resurrection. On top, to accompany the mystery of Baptism, is a dove representing the falling of the Holy Spirit during the Baptism of Jesus.