The Bell House Chapel or Belfry is a small chapel with a capacity of about 40 people just next to the Rector’s Office. The Church’s bell has always been considered as the voice of God calling the faithful to prayer and the voice of the people giving praise to God: “praise the Lord, all you people” – (Laudate Dominum omnes gentes) is our prayer of praise to God for all the wonders He has worked for us.

There are five electronic bells made by the Cobalchini of Padua, Italy. The electronic system of the bell was manufactured by FAGAN Company.

  • The 1st Bell bears the 43rd International Eucharistic Congress symbol with the engraving on it in English: “43rd International Eucharistic Congress Nairobi 1985”.
  • The 2nd Bell bears the image of the Holy Family with the engraving in Kiswahili: “Mungu Baba Tunakushukuru kwa kutupatia Familia za Kikristu”. (God our Father, we thank you for giving us Christian Families).
  • The 3rd Bell bears the image of the Risen Christ with the engraving in Luo: “Kristus osechier – Wan Gi Yil – Aleluya”. (Christ is Risen, we Rejoice – Alleluia!)
  • The 4th Bell bears the image of St. Peter and St. Paul with the engraving in Maasai: “Naai, too’ nkomonoritin e Peter Sinyati o Paulo Sinyati intangolo enkirukoto ang”. (God, by the intercession of Peter and Paul, increase our faith)
  • The 5th Bell bears the image of Blessed Joseph Allamano with the engraving in Kikuyu: “Kũrathimwo nĩ makinya ma arĩa matũrehagĩra ũhoro mwega wa ũhonokia”. (Blessed are the footsteps of those who bring us the Good News of Salvation).