The Resurrection Garden is a shrine, a place to be respected as we read in Mark 11:17: “And He (Jesus) taught them and said: “Does not Scripture say: my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples? But you have turned it into a bandit den”.

Following the Canon Law, a shrine is a church or a sacred place where the faithful go on pilgrimage out of special devotion.

In the Resurrection Garden, the pilgrims experience the presence and love of God and praise him; they strengthen their Christian faith and are called to become messengers of the Good News. The garden therefore offers to the pilgrims a more abundant way to the means of salvation, to announce the Word of God and to grow in the liturgical life.

The specific aim of the Resurrection Garden (the Church, the various chapels, the way of salvation, the way of the cross and the grounds themselves) is to offer to the pilgrims a place for prayer, meditation and contemplation.

The main feature of this shrine is a biblical journey through the history of salvation, with a special emphasis on the sufferings, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mankind has been saved through the death and Resurrection of Jesus.

The Resurrection is the foundation on Christian faith. It is the greatest event in the history of salvation, the supreme proof of Jesus’ divinity, of the divine origin of His teachings and salvation. A garden in the Bible has a special place and meaning. It is a place that reminds us of the Garden of Eden as a place of life and death. The Resurrection of Jesus took place in a garden, his tomb was in garden and his passion started in a garden. Therefore, the shrine has been named “Resurrection Garden”.

The biblical journey can be done by meditating on the various episodes proposed along the way of salvation, by praying the way of the cross or reciting the Rosary which helps us to meditate on the life of Jesus under the guidance of His mother Mary.

The Resurrection Garden is open to all the pilgrims who wish to pray. Remember: You are a garden of God! In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve experienced the presence of God, which they missed when they left the garden.