Resurrection Garden is a place where the pilgrims visit to experience the presence and the love of God. Jesus invites anyone who is tired and heavy laden to go to Him. This can be caused by a life of sin, human sufferings, the evil surrounding us and the too many challenges of all types in our days. Many are tears in our lives and many the times we experience a God who seems to be silent in our time of need. However, such feelings come because we shut our ears to His words. But opening our minds to Him, we can hear the voice of our conscience and by opening our eyes, we can enjoy the providential nature around us. In this way, we can rejoice and sing the wonders of Our Creator. The following themes, based on different biblical quotations, can help us to experience this mercy of God in our lives especially in the dark hours of our life.

  • Lament over human life
  • The cry of the oppressed
  • Interior Crisis
  • The Scandal of the Cross
  • The Power and the Wisdom of the Cross
  • God meets the Suffering Humanity
  • The ever-present God
  • Can God’s wisdom be understood?