Mary, the mother and the first disciple of Jesus, welcomes the pilgrims to this sacred place. She shows them the way of salvation – Jesus, and to them she repeats the same words she said to the servants at Cana’s wedding: “DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU”. (Jn. 2: 5).

This space, the very last construction by Fr. Santoro in 2015 is a space where the pilgrims pray the Rosary and take some moments to ask the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, both when they enter and when they leave the shrine.

It is found immediately after the official entrance to the Garden known as the “Mlango wa Mbingu” = The Gate of Heaven. The blessed Virgin Mary is praised in the Loreto litany as the Door/Gate of heaven. Her statue in bronze holding baby Jesus therefore stands at the entrance as the guide to the pilgrims who by their pilgrimage to the Resurrection Garden go to seek the way to heaven. She directs the pilgrims to listen to the Words of her Son Jesus. These are the words that fill the Garden in different inscriptions.